Section information

This website is for Chris Jankowski's lectures of Math 1553. It only contains information specific to sections A1-A3 and C1-C4. For most course information, carefully read over the:

Chris Jankowski
Lecture time
  • A1-A3: MW 8:00–8:50am in Boggs B5
  • C1-C4: MW 9:05–9:55am in Howey L3
Recitation time
  • A1-A3: F 8:00–8:50am
  • C1-C4: F 9:05–9:55am


The syllabus contains official course policies. For most information, refer to this page or the master course website. Some Georgia Tech professors have written a draft of a textbook. Feel free to use it as a reference.

Links to Piazza and WeBWorK are available on Canvas.

Here is a reference sheet containing most theorems and definitions that you will learn (and be responsible for knowing) over the course of the semester. I will tweak it as we cover the material.

Interactive Demos

Check out the interactive row reducer! More generally, see this page for interactive demos, including multiple tools for practicing and mastering row-reduction.

Course Calendar

Throughout the semester, I will post lecture slides, worksheets, and other material at our lecture's course calendar.


Students with a Pearson code can access the text via MyMathLab. The course id is jankowski85387. Instructions for obtaining a Pearson code and logging into MyMathLab can be found here. Note that this course does not use MyMathLab for online homework assignments.

While the Pearson code is not required for this course, you are likely to need the code for other math courses you take at GaTech. In particular, Lay is bundled with other textbooks for calculus courses, so most likely buying the code now will save you money in the long run.