Learning goals

The main course-level goals are as follows.

A) Solve systems of linear equations.

B) Solve eigenvalue problems.

C) Analyze mathematical statements and expressions (for example, to assess whether a particular statement is accurate, or to describe solutions of systems in terms of existence and uniqueness).

D) Write logical progressions of precise mathematical statements to justify and communicate your reasoning.

E) Apply linear algebra concepts to model, solve, and analyze real-world situations.


The primary textbook for this course is Interactive Linear Algebra by Dan Margalit and Joseph Rabinoff.

There is also an optional reference textbook: Linear Algebra and its Applications, 5th edition, by Lay–Lay–McDonald, which you can view online if you purchase access to MyMathLab.

For those who wish to purchase MyMathLab access, you can use the course ID jankowski23945 following the instructions here. This will also grant MyMathLab access to Thomas' Calculus, Early Transcendentals (14th edition) which most students will use later, so you may find it convenient to purchase the code even though it is not required for Math 1553.